Ava KhamsehAva Khamseh: Group Leader
Lecturer in Biomedical Artificial Intelligence
Institute of Genetics & Cancer (IGC)
School of Informatics, Edinburgh University
Abel JansmaAbel Jansma: PhD student, jointy supervised with
Chris Ponting (IGC, primary supervisor) and
Luigi Del Debbio (School of Physics)

In my research, I think about genetic interactions.
We usually think about interactions between two genes,
but what does an interaction between three genes look like?
Do these higher-order interactions affect the behaviour of cells?
I try to answer these questions by combining intuition from physics,
knowledge from biology, and techniques from mathematics.
Yuelin YaoYuelin Yao: PhD student
Kelsey Tetley-CampbellKelsey Tetley-Campbell: PhD student (HGU)
Olivier Labayle PabetOlivier Labayle Pabet: Biomedical AI PhD student (SoI)
Hugh WardenHugh Warden: PhD Rotation student (MRC HGU)